Sample Letter To Congressman

Sample Letter To Congressman She appears depressed, lonely and nervous about things she in no way used to even think about. Such as what I put in the casserole or perhaps how many calories are in some orange juice at breakfast time. She keeps taking away meals from her normal diet plan that she will no longer consume. She won’t use spread, she won’t eat lotion cheese on her bagels which was a favorite for breakfast for a long time. She wants to quit consuming meat. These are just a few good examples; there are more.

The other night I appeared in on her at one AM because I saw your ex light on and she had been doing sit ups! I viewed for a few moments and it frightened me how determined in addition to driven she appeared. It had been like she was working out as if her life counted on it or something. I simply don’t understand where all these modifications are coming from. I know youngsters’ behaviors and moods modify as they grow up but these appear extreme to me; especially with the amount of changes happening at one time. I really don’t know the best thing to do; I know I need your help as we try to figure this particular out.


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