Sample Letter Seeking Permission

Sample Letter Seeking Permission I’ve sent this notification to you in order to explain the reasons behind requesting a loan customization on my mortgage. Before a year ago, I had never made a later payment on any of our monthly expenses, but following the death of my husband points have been increasingly difficult to manage. I am requesting an interest decrease down to 6. 25% via my current 8. 85%. I feel it is a fair percent for you, and it is just inside my means.

Before my hubby passed away, we had both already been making more than enough to afford our own mortgage. Once our rate of interest rose to 10. 24% and we had no trouble paying it. However , as soon as he passed away I was remaining with half of the monthly earnings I had before. I had been tugging together enough to pay often the bills and mortgage through pulling from our cost savings and the small amount of life insurance We received, but I’ve operate dry and have no other choice than to request a workable, fixed interest rate from you.


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