Sample Letter Seeking Financial Assistance

Sample Letter Seeking Financial Assistance Following a lengthy time of financial trouble, I am now in a position to fulfill the debt under the aforementioned accounts number. I would like to ask for your own cooperation in helping to resolve this particular debt. I am putting forth the sincere effort to settle our debts and pay all of them off. I would like to recommend a full payment toward this specific debt in the amount of dollar _______. I propose that this quantity be accepted as transaction in full of the aforementioned financial debt. In addition , I would like to demand that all late payment feedback or charge-offs be taken off my credit bureau reports.

Therefore i’m currently working cooperatively along with several additional creditors with regard to debt settlement purposes, and therefore, this funds are limited. Because of this, I have chosen to settle all those debts which can be satisfied via settlement proposals, such as On the web proposing to you today. A few my creditors have already created acceptable settlements with me. I would really prefer to include this debt one of the paid account. If the over proposal is acceptable, I am going to pay the agreed upon harmony in full. Please sign the lower of this agreement. Please maintain the original for your records and also send me a copy of the fixed document. Upon receipt from the signed agreement, I will mail the agreed upon funds through money order in a timely fashion.


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