Sample Letter Of Intent RFP

Sample Letter Of Intent RFP Resume Is Examined and compared to notes through phone interview for regularity. If it is acceptable, then all of us proceed. If it is not, procedure ends here. If, through the phone interview we a new resume for the prospective franchisee, it will be mailed to them to allow them to use it in their next meeting. We will also send a duplicate to A Contract Employment Company, a company with whom we all network. They in turn sends us qualified prospects. Timed Run is performed by simply prospective franchisee. Designated Individual will time prospective franchisee on a running track. She must run one mile within 7: 30 minutes. “Timed Operate Form” will be signed along with dated by both potential franchisee and Designated Particular person. If, He or she fails examination, they will be given a workout routine based on their actual period. They may try again inside two weeks, or when they sense ready.

Sample Letter Of Intent RFP Ride Together with a crew. Two crews are going to be assigned to a new possible franchisee. After the run, on a single day, prospective franchisee can spend all day helping a team. Second Ride Along will probably occur the following day having a different crew to assure the fact that prospective franchisee understands simply how much work there is. Document Is Created in prospective franchisee’s name. Included are: Pre-Screening Phone Worksheet, Resume, Timed Run Form, Ride Together with Summaries from Crews. This specific checklist will be paper trimmed to front of record.


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