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Hello and Welcome.


I have created this Website and Virtual Museum and gallery to expose of all of my work to the world. This site is also used to sell some of my work to the world. The prices range from 50 Sterling ( 100 USD ) to 300 Sterling (400 USD ). Please contact me with any questions.


Thank you


Hello my name is John E Sheather and this is my personal Gallery and Showroom please browse as much as you like. If you are interested in purchasing any of my work please contact me anytime by Phone Number is +44-781-359-6765
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Welcome To My Home Page

Below is a sample of one of my most recent works

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Here is a list of recent updates made to the site


7/26/08   Added two new drawings to the Landscapes on Oil page.


6/12/08   Updated the Studies page with new works.


7/30/08   Added information about future projects I am   currently working on.


I hope you enjoy the site. Thank you !


Jenny, Shorham Beach, Sussex

Oil on Canvas

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